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Skin Care

Skin Care ...

Skin Med produce a range of peels which can be used to target around the sensitive eye and lip area. These areas are normally avoided in most peel therapies. The result is smoother, softer, more elastic, less wrinkled skin which otherwise belies an ageing face.

Skin Med also produce a reliable skincare package which effectively targets acne, acne scarring, rosacea and pigmentation. The product is created in Italy and uses only natural ingredients.

Only available on prescription, this high strength retinoin skin care programme is the only real way to achieve transformation in the skins sub dermal matrix, targeting sun damage, correcting signs of ageing and maintaining exfoliation and hydration. Genuinely turns back the ageing process.
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Using your bodies own healing factors, and reinjecting them back into your areas that show signs of ageing, sagging and laxity, we can redetermine the health and vitality of your skin, rejuvenating its bloom and firmness. This process reinjects the plasma from your blood back into your face, scalp, scar areas, inflamed and painful joints (ankles, knees) to relieve pain and inflammation whilst stimulating a healing response. All of these applications are available at the Purity Centre.

Skin Care