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Platelet Rich Plasma

This treatment has been used since 2006 for skin rejuvenation. The therapy produces a gradual but noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture with minimum down time. It involves taking a blood sample and applying centrifugal forces to release the plasma. This plasma is then re-injected into the areas of skin of the patient using micro injections in a mesotherapy fashion to stimulate skin rejuvenation. Its applications here at the Purity Centre are skin health, wound care and hair stimulation. It is currently being used in wound care trials with promising results.
Microneedling / Mesotherapy

A dermaroller impregnated with tiny needles is gently but purposefully rolled over the skin, (having firstly applied topical local anaesthetic,) to create micropunctures on the skins surface. This in turn generates a healing response and collagen production. This procedure is often combined with PRP for superior outcomes. Sun block is advised after all invasive facial procedures to prevent Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


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