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Obagi Skin care

Obagi products are only available from trained health care professionals.

Obagi is a range of effective, transformative, speciality skin care programmes and products to correct signs of ageing, protect skin from photo damage, maintain hydration and exfoliation. Included in the Obagi range is the Obagi blue radiance peel which aids in the skin health restorative process. It can be used as a one off treatment before an event to encourage exfoliation and pre event glow and bloom or as a part of a package of care which encourages skin cell turnover and homeostasis.

With Obagi there is a product for all skin types, all ages and all problems.

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PDO Fine Thread Contouring

Insertion of medical grade hypoallergenic sutures to support the skin structure for repositioning 'saggy' skin. Suitable for people 35 years and older.

This treatment is becoming commonly known as 'Wide Awake Face Lift'. Please call for a free of charge consultation to discuss this treatment in more detail.




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