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Low Dose Medicine ...

Low Dose Medicine Here at the Purity Centre we can inject products known as Traumeel, Heel and Lymphomyosot. They are produced by Guna in Italy and are low dose homeopathic injectable solutions which aid and assist in pain relief and reduction of swelling. They can be injected safely into any joint, muscle or trigger area to assist with the healing process.

For a consultation to see if Guna products can help you, feel free to call:
Tel: 01474 702895 / Mobile: 07980 894155.


Microsclerotherapy ...

Thread veins in the legs are a common problem particularly affecting women. They appear just below the surface of the skin anywhere from the thigh to the ankle. They do not pose a serious health problem but can be associated with underlying varicose veins.

Microsclerotherapy is a simple treatment that involves an injection of a sclerant into the thread veins. It is often successful in correcting unwanted thread veins. Three to four treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired results.

  Low Dose Medicine