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Low Dose Medicine

A New Paradigm in the field of health and healing.

Efficacious treatment with no side effects. Can be taken orally as a tablet, as a pilule, a dilution or droplets. Safe for children. Can be injected using traditional routes or mesotherapy for more immediate results.

This treatment is evidence based producing measurable results in well conducted scientific trials. The protocols use your own body’s cells and natural substances in low doses to simulate a measurable healing response.

This new paradigm is being effectively applied in every specialism from dermatology, gastrointestinal psychotherapy, aesthetics, pain control and musculoskeletal. These products treat the cause not just the symptoms and work on the premise of rebalancing the body back to a state of good or better health.

For a consultation to see if Guna products can help you, feel free to call:
Tel: 01474 702895 / Mobile: 07980 894155.



Thread veins in the legs are a common problem particularly affecting women. They appear just below the surface of the skin anywhere from the thigh to the ankle. They do not pose a serious health problem but can be associated with underlying varicose veins.

Microsclerotherapy is a simple treatment that involves an injection of a sclerant into the thread veins. It is often successful in correcting unwanted thread veins. Three to four treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired results.

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