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Hair Spa

There can be a myriad of reasons why hair loses its strength, vitality and health and even start to be shed earlier in its life cycle.

After an extensive consultation to determine what these factors may be, we are able to offer you a choice of therapies from the following menu.

We can discuss a hair protocol to suit your time, budget and lifestyle, which may include one, many or all of the therapies listed below.

Platelet Rich Plasma:
Injecting your own plasma, rich in growth factors and proteins into your scalp has been proven to improve hair health.

An alternative to Platelet Rich Plasma could be hair stimulating injections using homeopathy.

A non invasive food intolerance test may determine which foods are interfering with your bio energetic flow of energy, thus depriving your scalp of the vitality it requires to sustain hair health.


Mulit max one a day vitamins may be all that is required to assist in rebalancing the overall health of your body tissues. Higher strength vitamins that can be infused directly into your blood stream can be gained from a weekly hair tonic or vitamins can be microneedled directly into the scalp using a specialised vitamin serum and genuine dermaroller.


Stress can play a large part in the reasons behind poor hair health. By offering a menu of de-stressing techniques such as Indian Head massage, reiki or crystal healing, we can assist in relaxing the nervous pathways that promotes a free flow of energy.

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