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Our fully qualified and HCPC registered Chiropodist is registered to administer Local anaesthetic and prescribe the most appropriate medication. She is available for the treatment of many and varied foot conditions such as:
 Removal of corns/callous with or without local anaesthesia
 Injection of fillers under the foot for pain relief/rejuvenation of hyperkeratotic areas/off loading of pressure points (see other therapies page)
 Injection of Botox to reduce sweating under the foot (see other therapies page)
 Injection of low dose therapeutics to relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis/calcaneal bursa etc. (see other therapies page)
 Verruca treatment tailored to suite your lifestyle and age
 Verruca needling - see Other Therapies Available page
 Ingrown toenail treatment and follow up
 Fungal infections treatment and advice
 Local anesthesia*
 Toenail surgery*
 Gait analysis
 Biomechanical assessments
 Prescription Orthotics
 Care of diabetics
 Foot massage
 Skin and nail care and advice

Fillers for feet
Areas of callous/corns on the plantar surface of the foot can be improved by the injection of hyuloronic acid into the skin around and under those areas, initially creating volume and cushioning, but also promoting healing and reducing pain.

Ladies who wear stilletos for long periods of the day can be susceptible to metatarsal pain or discomfort in the forefoot. This can be relieved by the injection of fillers into the fatty skin pad of the metatarsal areas.

Verruca needling
70% of verrucas treated by 'needling' resolve after the initial treatment regime. The remaining 30% will resolve after the second regime. The treatment involves a local anaesthetic, followed by 'needling' the skin impacted by the verruca with approx 30-50 stabs into the area until the skin resembles the consistency of chopped liver. This has the effect of pushing the encapsulated virus further into the soft tissues where it may be recognised by the immune system and resolved appropriately.

This is an excellent treatment for persistent verrucas where nothing else has worked.

Our Chiropodist is fully qualified and is registered with the
Health & Care Professions Council.
BUPA recognised provider for people that have private health insurance.
* We are HCPC Certified to offer local anesthesia and removal of toenails painlessly with a complete follow up and advice service. Available with or without GP referral.
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