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Chiropody and Podiatry ...

The Purity Centre is able to offer local anaesthetic and prescribe the most relevant and necessary medication on a private prescription if required.

Hcpc reg no: CH 17125.

For all basic footcare needs.
Removal of corns and callous.
Verruca treatments designed around your lifestyle.
Ingrown toenail treatment, management or resolution.
Biomechanical assessments and prescription of bespoke orthotics.
Skincare and nail advice.
Care of diabetic feet.
Fillers for feet to offload high pressure areas.
Botox for feet to treat sweaty feet.
Verruca needling therapy to resolve persistent and non responsive verrucas.
Steroid injections for plantar fasciitis, low dose medicine injections for Morton's neuroma pain, arthritic pain in joints.

BUPA recognised provider for people that have private health insurance.
Bupa registered number: 85020270